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This sulfate-free cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin but tough on breakouts. Packed with Willow Bark Extract for anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, Multifruit Acids to boost cell turnover, Chamomile Extract to calm and soothe, and Bergamot Oil for that uplifting kick. Ready to kick acne to the curb? The Acne Assassin Wash has got you covered!
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Portia Rainey
Love this!

I have sensitive skin, so I have to be careful with skincare products. this didn't irritate or breakout my skin out at all. A nice gentle cleanser!

Francisca A.
silky and smooth skin

I have been using the acne assassin for 7days. I love the feeling of freshness that it leaves on my face, especially after I use the sponge scrub with the acne assassin.

Tara G.
My skin is super smooth!!

I've been using the wash for the past 5 days, and the changes have been amazing. I don't have acne prone skin, but I needed a wash that could exfoliate my face gently. Well this acne wash does just that for me. And while it can be a little drying for my skin, all I have to do is follow with the acne toner and my skin feels super hydrated. I love how my skin feels!

Smooth and refreshing

I've used many different over-the-counter products, but this is by far the best. I have sensitive skin and am cautious with every new product. The wash is smooth, refreshing, and not heavy or greasy.

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This sulfate-free cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin but tough on breakouts.

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Burning Questions

Why Inez Laval?

Because we're not your grandma's skincare brand. We're here to flip the script and give you the tools to slay your skincare game without the B

Who's got time for that? Meet Acne Assassin Wash – a two-for-one wonder! It's like a superhero for your face AND body, slashing breakouts wherever they pop up. Simplify, don't complicate.

Sensitive skin? We got you. Our products are hypoallergenic and as gentle as a kitten's purr. No harsh chemicals or fake fragrances – just natural goodness. Tone It Own It Acne Toner will calm your skin drama down.

Hell yeah! We’re as serious about saving the planet as we are about zapping zits. Our products are cruelty-free, sustainably sourced. Acne Assassin Wash fights breakouts without fighting Mother Earth.

Acne's a total body experience, unfortunately. But fear not – Break Out Be Gone Acne Serum is here to kick acne's butt, no matter where it shows up. It's tough on breakouts but gentle on your skin.

Bring it on! Our Thirst Hero Mattifying Acne Moisturizer is like a shield for your skin. It hydrates, mattifies, and protects against all the grime and sweat life throws at you. This product doesn't have SPF, so you still need to slap on some sunscreen. Stay active, stay fabulous.

Absolutely! We embrace all skin types, tones, and textures. Whether you’re a porcelain princess or a deep chocolate delight, our products are formulated to make everyone glow. Inclusivity? We invented it.

We cut through the BS. Our products are straightforward, and our info is no-nonsense. Acne Assassin Wash – wash, Tone It Own It – tone, Break Out Be Gone – serum, Thirst Hero –moisturizer Easy peasy.

You bet! Acne Assassin Wash and Tone It Own It are multitasking maniacs. They work on your face and body, so you don't need a gazillion products. One wash, one toner – done and done.

We've got the magic potion – Break Out Be Gone Acne Serum. It zaps zits but leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. No more choosing between acne-free and moisturized

Oh, absolutely! The O.G. Face & Beard Serum and Glow Getter Face & Beard Serum are perfect for beard care. They fight acne and nourish your skin and beard. Say goodbye to beard acne!

High quality doesn't mean high cost. We keep our prices as real as our ingredients. Great skincare shouldn't break the bank. Period.

Trust is earned, and we’ve done our homework. Our products were developed by an esthetician with 20+ years and loved by many. Give us a try – your skin will thank you.

Break Out Be Gone Acne Serum – it's the MVP. This baby targets breakouts with laser precision. Apply it, forget it, and let it work its magic. Bye-bye, acne!

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