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All Sales Final, Babe! Because of the nature of our fab products, we can’t do returns or exchanges. Got an issue with your purchase? Hit up our customer care team at, and we’ll sort you out!
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Absolutely! We never test on animals. We adore our furry friends!
All the deets on ingredients and instructions are right on our product pages and on the handy instruction card you'll get with every order. We've got you covered, babe!
Yep, all our products are 100% vegan—except for our Beard & Skin Serum. Keeping it real for all you plant-loving babes!
We’ve ditched the guesswork and numbered our products 1-4 for easy peasy use. For the nitty-gritty details, check out each product's page. We've got your back, babe!.
Right now, we don’t have our own SPF, but here are a few of our faves: Super Goop SPF 30, Peter Thomas Roth SPF 30, and Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30. Keep glowing, gorgeous!
Yes! No matter your skin tone, everyone’s skin needs to be protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays which can cause cancer even when it’s cloudy. Not to mention, a daily SPF can also protect your skin from blue light emitted by digital screens (TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets), electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting that can lead to aging skin and hyperpigmentation.
Absolutely! Even if you’ve got oily skin, using a moisturizer is a must—especially a water-based one. It acts as a barrier against environmental nasties that mess with your skin’s moisture balance. Skip it, and your skin might freak out and produce even more oil, leading to more blemishes. Our THIRST HERO is perfect to keep you hydrated and happy!
Absolutely! Many of our IL fam already use our products on their body. And guess what? Body care is coming soon. Stay tuned, babe!
Absolutely! For the best results, we always recommend a full skincare regimen. Your AM and PM routines should include a cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF. Go all in, babe!
When you start using our clinically crafted products, your skin might go through a detox phase. This can cause pimples to speed up and bring micro comedones to the surface, making it feel like a major breakout. But don’t worry, it’s short-lived and usually lasts 2-3 weeks (up to 4) with consistent use. If breakouts persist mid-routine, consider switching back to your old products. And if you experience allergic symptoms, stop using the product and consult a Dermatologist ASAP. Your skin’s got this, babe!
With skin renewal rates varying so much, we suggest sticking with our products for at least 4-8 weeks before adding anything extra to your routine. Dark marks can take time to fade, especially if you’ve had a lot of sun exposure in the past, so don’t worry if you don’t see immediate changes. Got questions or need more recs? Hit up our Customer Experience team! We’re here to help, babe!
For the best results with our products, we recommend use for those who’ve hit puberty and beyond. If you’re younger and dealing with skin concerns, we strongly suggest consulting a dermatologist or licensed esthetician for the best treatment advice. Stay fabulous!
Yes, you can! However, we recommend getting to know our products first before mixing them with other skincare brands. Give yourself some time to fall in love with each one!
We believe all questions about use and safety should be answered by a medical pro. If you have any concerns about using our products during pregnancy, please consult your physician. Better safe than sorry, babe!

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