• The
    Pwr Quad

  • Featuring hard-working products to
    help treat acne-erupted skin, leaving it
    clear and healthy.

  • Your Skin
    But Better

  • Reduce discomfort, itch and redness
    from ingrown hair with
    our ingrown trio

  • The Luxury
    Ingrown Trio

  • A powerful trio created to treat ingrown hair
    soften skin, add hydration, and brighten
    all year long and all over your body.
  • Elevate Your Skin Today

  • Helps perfect your skin with a 4 step acne treatment that
    helps treat, hydrate and brighten acne prone skin!


Pwr Quad

Featuring hard-working products to
help treat acne-erupted skin, leaving it
clear and healthy.
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A FACE & BODY CARE Brand Created by Celeb Esthetician, INEZ LAVAL.
Inez Laval knows good skin. With 15+ years as a Los Angeles-based professional esthetician specializing in facial care and body hair removal, she has the craft and credibility to back up her goods. Named as Allure Magazine Best Brazilian Waxer in Los Angeles, she has made it her mission to uncover innovations and ingredients that transform your skin and simplify your face and body care routine. Inspired by her Afro-Puerto Rican and Panamanian roots, Inez brings the best-targeted face and body care products not only to her celeb clients, but to everyone everywhere with the launch of her eponymous brand INEZ LAVAL Face & Body.

Say goodbye
to ingrowns

In order to achieve brighter,
smoother looking skin
you need our Ingrown serum.
It's the perfect product for your body.
Brightening Serum: Suero iluminador Brightening Serum: Suero iluminador
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Ingrown Serum | Suero Encarnado Ingrown Serum | Suero Encarnado
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Manly Parts

Keeping It Bare

Our ingrown serum is the ultimate hair and body care solution for ingrown hairs.
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A luxurious solution for ingrown hair and razor bumps that can be used anywhere on the body.
Smooth skin is always in


Body Like A Boss

The best product for body care and management of ingrown hairs

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Body Parts

Hydrate, Heal and Prevent.

The hair on your body isn't as soft or smooth as you might like - especially after you've shaved, waxed, or epilated it. Our Skin and Body Collection is the answer.
Our products help prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps and other problems associated with keeping or removing your body hair.

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Private parts

A Luxury Body Oil for Skin and Hair

This exquisite blend of pure oils is the ultimate prelude to your body treatments. Nourishes and moisturizes like no other, while providing a luxuriously soft touch for smooth, soft skin and hair.

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May 2012 Best Brazilian Waxer in Los Angeles

"We're serious about keeping our bikini line in order. And we found a kindred, if not slightly fanatic, spirit in Laval. She slowly and systematically trimmed, shaped, and waxed every hard-to-reach spot, moving nimbly around the table instead of asking us to perform humiliating gymnastics. Twenty minutes later, she sent us on our way with a flawless Brazilian that exceeded even our standards."

The West Hollywood & Hollywood Guide

This spa, helmed by two long-time L.A. waxing veterans, is the only spot in the city to use graphite wax, a low-temperature, hard wax that's minimally painful and not at all sticky. Ask for Inez.”